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Notes from the Road   by Dennis Warner

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November 14, 2003 (Tulsa, OK)
It's raining in Oklahoma. Had a nice time last night at the Spotlight
Theater in Tulsa. Thanks to the Tulsa Folk Music Society for making me feel so comfortable there on my first visit in a lot of years. November started out with a "bang" at the Coble Opry in Tennessee on the 1st. Thanks to my pals Julie Schrader and Rusty Rust for setting me up with this gig, and to Hugh Waddell (Johnny Cash Band) for sitting in on drums. What a wild night! Spent a few days in Nashville hanging out at the "Love Shack" and working on new songs with Julie and Rusty. Darlyne Cain was in Nashville for a concert as well, so it was good to catch up with her. She's got a great new CD available. Folks in the Midwest might remember she and I did a Midwest tour together a few years back.

From Tennessee, I headed back to Chicago and Wisconsin before coming here to Tulsa. Now I'm heading up to the Iron Horse Concert Hall in Kansas for a gig tomorrow night. Don and Mary have a great venue there and it's always fun to go back.

September 29, 2003 (Clearwater, MN)
My guitar buddy Dan Neale joined me yesterday in concert
at the Millstream Arts Festival in Minnesota. Despite the cool
weather, we had a great crowd and a lot of fun. Dan showed off
his new electric banjo when we did "Northern Lights"!

In October, I'll be laying low working on plans for the new album
and also the kids book we're hoping to put out next spring. This is
going to be one busy winter! I'll be on the road most of November.
Hopefully, I'll get to see some of you at the concerts.

August 11, 2003 (Clearwater, MN)
The summer tour officially ended yesterday with a wonderful concert in my hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Over 200 people. Lots of fun. Great to see so many friends and people I haven't seen in years! Truly a nice way to end the tour. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of R&R before heading back on the road in September.

Did several concerts this past week in Northeastern Minnesota, including the north shore of Lake Superior. Gorgeous up there, as always. Thanks to everyone up that way for the great hospitality and to Ginny Richmond for organizing the concerts.

A reminder that the Persius Meteor Shower goes on this week. It'll probably peak Tues or Wed (8/12-13). The later you stay up, the more shooting stars you'll hopefully see! Best viewing is usually 2-3am if it's a good year. This experience is what I wrote the song "STAY UP" about, from the Perfect Morning CD.

July 28, 2003 (Lincoln, NE)
It's been warm (okay, sometimes really, really hot) this last week, but that's
too be expected in the heartland in July. It's been a fun week. Big crowds everywhere. Even did a show with Miss Nebraska, Jane Noseworthy, in Grand Island. Guess I'll be watching the Miss America pageant this Fall now that I know someone in it. I'll be rooting for you, Jane!

Signed over 500 autographed postcards today in Lincoln. My hand is tired. It meant a lot to me to have that kind of response. Nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd, too. Last time I played out here was 1999.

July 10, 2003 (Clearwater, MN)
Hey...I'm home tonight! Wasn't supposed to be, but my outdoor show in Brainerd, MN was rained out. Rescheduled for Thursday night, July 31st. It's been a busy week, so I'll take the night off. Played Monday at the University of Wisconsin/Eau Claire, Tuesday in Grand Forks, ND and yesterday (Wednesday) at North Dakota State U. in Fargo. It was pouring in Fargo, so that show was moved inside, too. That's THREE times in a row the weather has forced us inside at Fargo. The odds are catching up with us to be able to do it outside! Next time, right Conner? (Conner runs the program and is also a first class "roadie"!)

Tomorrow I head to Brookings, SD for the big arts fest. It'll be great to see everyone there again.

June 24, 2003 (Black Hills, SD)
Before my evening concert in Spearfish, I went for a long walk in the National Forest. Cold, but beautiful! Scared up a fawn only a few feet from me. The Mom tracked me down a 100 yards later and let me know with lots of snorting and hoof stomping that I was to stay away from her kid! I promised I would.... :)

June 23, 2003 (Black Hills, SD)
Hail tonight! Large hail! Temps are in the 40's. This is June, right? All kinds of tornadoes in central South Dakota and Minnesota tonight. 4" of snow west of here in Yellowstone, so I am lucky indeed! But marble sized hail in the van is very LOUD! Luckily, no damage.

Last night I camped at my favorite spot along the Missouri River, just south of I-90 in South Dakota. This is where I camped the night of September 10, 2001 heading to Minnesota from a festival in Nebraska. The next morning, our world changed dramatically, so this is a special place to me. A peaceful, safe place.

I've been looking forward to this leg of the tour. It's been a few years since I've performed in this very special part of the world.

June 10, 2003 (Joplin, MO)
Well, the summer tour is now in full swing. I think we're doing 40+ cities this summer, about half of my normal summer. My back surgery this winter is limiting my touring for awhile. Had a wonderful time in Detroit Lakes, MN last weekend, the "official" start of the tour. I'll be down here in Missouri and Kansas for a week before heading "north". I really enjoy this part of the country. Great people. Bring on the grits!





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