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Notes from the Road  
by Dennis Warner 2023




February 7, 2023
Clearwater, MN

We are just a few weeks away from our flight to Johannesburg. The schedule is coming togther nicely thanks to our team in South Africa. First concerts will be at Freedom Hill and then Constitution Hill, both in Jo-Burg. Historically significant locations. Here's from their website:

Nelson Mandela. Mahatma Gandhi. Joe Slovo. Albertina Sisulu. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Fatima Meer. They all served time here, but the precinct also confined tens of thousands of ordinary people during its 100-year history. They were men and women of all races, creeds, ages and political agendas; children too, the everyman and the elite. In this way, the history of every South African lives here.

Constitution Hill is a living museum that tells the story of South Africa’s journey to democracy. The site is a former prison and military fort that bears testament to South Africa’s turbulent past and, today, is home to the country’s Constitutional Court, which endorses the rights of all citizens.

The video is from a concert in December. It was a fun night! I've taken to using this song for opening the concert.


Beads in Africa

January 14, 2023
Grand Marais, MN

We had a wonderful show at the Arrowhead Center for the Arts tonight. Amazing venue way up here along the north shore of Lake Superior, almost to Canada. It's called the "North Shore" but I've not figured out why as it's on the western side of Lake Superior. The true north shore should be along the Canadian side, right, eh?

We've video recorded quite a few concerts this year and I'm looking forward to putting some of these performances on YouTube this winter. If you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you'll automatically receive an email notification when I post something new there. Here's the link:

I'm excited receive notifications this month that I've been awarded two grants! One is from the Minnesota State Arts Board for bringing my concerts to rural Minnesota. I received a similar grant last year and part of that is what brought us to Grand Marais, where I am tonight with the D's!

The second grant is from the Central Minnesota Arts Board and the McKnight Foundation for equipment that we'll bring on tour to South Africa this spring. Yay!

So a huge THANK YOU to both of these outstanding organizations for supporting my music. It truly takes a village to sustain a folk singer...

Here are some photos that came in from South Africa and Uganda where they are using Beads on One String in their classrooms. My heart is full of gratitude! Can't wait to sing for them.


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