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Notes from the Road  
by Dennis Warner 2017
Dennis & the D's - Munsinger Gardens 2017
Dennis & the D's in Munsinger Gardens 2017

July 25, 2017
Clearwater, MN

I've made great progress in studio this summer. I'm really excited about this new CD and am optimistic that it will be released in early 2018. Stay tuned...

A couple of days ago we (Dennis & the D's) had a hometown concert in St. Cloud in the beautiful Munsinger Gardens. We've played here a lot over the years and it's always been a great experience. This time around some estimates put the crowd size around 1,000. We were told it was probably the largest audience they've ever had for this marvelous concert series. I love my hometown.

I'm off to northern Minnesota for a concert in the beautiful vacation town of Park Rapids, not far from the headwaters of the Mississippi River. No doubt it will be a fun time!

Rod Warner-Dennis Warner-1960s

June 16, 2017
Marshall, MN

It's a beautiful June day in Southwestern Minnesota. I'm on the tail end of 12 shows in a row, all different towns. It's been great. Thanks to my friend Rebecca Hudson for coordinating this tour and putting together a great routing plan.

The photo is my Dad (Rod Warner) and I playing guitar in the living room where I grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Okay, my guitar is made out of cardboard, but I still had fun. I'm guessing this is around 1966? Check out the cigar boxes under my foot! I've been thinking about my Dad as this is Father's Day weekend. During this tour I've been dedicating Skippin' Stones to his memory. He developed/nutured my interest in baseball, music and all things on and in the water.

My summer vacation begins tomorrow with exactly one month until my next show. I think a lot of people assume that a musician only works when they're on stage. That's funny, actually. The time we don't work is when we're on stage. Performing is the fun part! The work is in the office, getting the concerts organized, website up to date, contracts sent, emails returned, promotional materials mailed out, etc. If we're lucky, we even get time to work on new songs and maybe sneak into the studio to record something.

So I'll be on vacation from the road, but still be working most days in the office or studio. Confession, though, when the wind is up, I just may sneak off to do some sailing. Being my own boss has it's advantages that way. And summer in Minnesota is hard to beat.

Reggie Harris and Dennis Warner -2017

< Dennis with
   Reggie Harris





Liam Purcell - Dennis Warner 2017

Liam Purcell & Dennis >

May 22, 2017
Charlotte, NC

I'm waiting on a Delta flight back to Minnesota after a fantastic and exhausting trip to North Carolina. Along the way, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my old pal Reggie Harris in the Blue Ridge mountains outside of Asheville. We were up until 5am one morning swapping stories and catching up on our adventures. Reggie lives in New York and continues to be a popular touring musician and frequent guest speaker.

We found ourselves at the Montreat Conference Center along with 300 others sharing our songs and figuring out ways to promote acoustic music.

Others in the mix were Kathy Mattea, Betty Friedrichsen, Gloria Holloway, John McCutcheon and so many other friends from both the concert promotion world and fellow musicians. Whew!  A great week.

And keep an eye on a kid named Liam Purcell. All of 14 years old going on 40. This kid can play and sing, and is as nice as they come.

Marietta GA 2017

May 14, 2017
Clearwater, MN

This photo showed up on my Facebook feed today, from Apriel Jessup-Searcy who ordered an autographed copy of the book for her niece after my concert recently in Marietta, Georgia.

Love this image. This is what Beads on One String is all about.

Whelk Shell- Port StJoe FL 2017 - Dennis Warner

April 7, 2017
Port St. Joe, FL

I've walked many beaches in my life and for the first time, I found a perfectly intact Whelk here in Port St. Joe. Only the bottom inch was sticking out of the sand during the incoming tide. My curiosity led me to digging out this most beautiful shell. My excitement turned to shock when I realized it was still alive! After a couple of photos, I returned him/her/it to the sea, feeling bad that I had disturbed it's safe slumber while it waited for the tide to come back.

I'm looking forward to my concert here tonight! The weather is perfect.

Florida Beach Dennis Warner 2017

April 3, 2017
Treasure Island, FL

This leg of the tour started in Ohio and moved through Virginia and North Carolina. I've met some amazing and wonderful people this spring!

Now I'm in Florida, which kind of suits me - beach bumming during the day, concerts at night. Perfect, right? My Mom, who grew up in Oregon and also lived for a short time in Florida, taught me to keep my eyes open for pretty shells on the beach. Somehow, a small bag full of retired sea life usually finds it's way to my van. Back in Minnesota, I put them out in the flower gardens. They're rarely as pretty as when I find them on the beach, but they serve to remind me of my crazy adventures and make me smile. I also imagine the geologists face who finds these shells in Minnesota 1,000 years from now.

Multnomah Falls Oregon- 2017
Dennis at Multnomah Falls, Oregon

March 11, 2017
Walla Walla, Washington

It's been a great two weeks out here in the Pacific Northwest. Even though it's rained and/or snowed almost every day, it's still beautiful.

I started out in Seattle talking with school counselors from Washington state about the Beads on One String program and how it can help kids understand the negative effects of bullying and the positive effects of realizing our connectedness in the world. The counselors were very receptive and I'm hopeful Beads on One String will be spreading through Washington this next year.

I also did a series of amazing concerts in Oregon. I've been touring out here since my career was launched way back in the dark ages when my first rig was a horse and buggy. "Lewis and Clark" was my opening act. At least that's what my young nieces and nephews seem to think...

After leaving Oregon, I made a stop at Multnomah Falls, one of my favorite places to visit anywhere. It still looks the same as it did during my first visit to Oregon when my Mom and I came out here on the Greyhound bus when I was 14 years old. No kidding! That was a great trip.

And I have stories of Walla Walla, too, where I'm staying tonight. Two buddies and I took off the day after high school graduation for a month long trek of the west and spent a crazy night in Walla Walla. I'll save those remembrances for later. Tomorrow I'm heading to Bozeman, Montana and hoping for good weather as I cross over Lolo Pass.


Kris Kristofferson with Dennis Warner - 2017Kris Kristofferson with Dennis Warner in Kansas City

February 17, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri

Look who I ran into in Kansas City! The amazing Kris Kristofferson. We had a great conversation. He has a well deserved reputation for being a sweet man.

The weather has been weirdly warm in the midwest this winter. Consequently, there's not much snow around. I drove into town in my shorts, t-shirt and bare feet. If my van were a convertible, the top would've been down.

A couple of days ago I met with one of my favorite songwriters, Bruce Cockburn and had the chance to tell him I was recording one of his songs and WHY I was recording it for my new album. It was a touching moment for both of us. More on that another time.

Good news! Since I use Shubb Capos exclusively on the stage and in the studio, I was asked to be one of their endorsed artists. If you're a guitar player, come to one of my shows and ask me why I prefer them. Their logo will start popping up on my newsletter and website, along with Taylor guitars. I am grateful.

Dennis in the Florida KeysSailing in the Florida Keys. Well, actually I'm at anchor here.
Great weather and beautiful water.
Wearing my
Woodstock Folk Festival shirt!

February 6, 2017
Somewhere in the Florida Keys

Hello! this will be short and sweet, because I'm taking a week off before the winter/spring tour kicks in. Everywhere from Oregon and Washington through the midwest, to the east coast and back down again here to Florida before Easter. Whew!

This is my time to rest. Love you all and look forward to seeing you on the road. If anyone asks, I'm out here doing research for future songs.


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