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Dennis Warner UPDATE - August 2016

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August 17, 2016

Hi Friends -Dennis Warner Photo

It's been a great summer filled with concerts, recording, sailing and swimming. Several years ago I made the decision to not travel out of state so much this time of year, allowing me more opportunities for being on and in the water. While at anchor on a recent solo sail, I even wrote a song for my new album. As someone clever pointed out on Facebook, now I can write that trip off on my taxes!

Speaking of concerts (someone mentioned concerts, right?), I have three more to go this summer, all in Minnesota. On Friday night, catch me in St. Joseph at the Weekend of Songs Festival. In 2011, I was the featured writer at their inaugural event and I am excited to return. If you've had it on your calendar for a while, please note the time change to 7:30pm.

Then on Sunday, I'll be at the Central St. Louis County Fair in Meadowlands. The locals claim ownership and call it simply the Meadowlands Fair. Bring your swim suit. This is a part of the world where lakes and saunas go hand in hand.

Meadowlands is not far from the Iron Range community of Gilbert, where town organizers tried for two years to have a festival celebrating their proud heritage, proposing the festival be called the Gilbert Whorehouse Days.

I know, it kind of leaves you speechless, right? The two year festival that never was. They would surely have sold a few T-shirts!

My final summer show is at the Minnesota State Fair, Tuesday August 30th. I'll be in the AMPERS Radio Network booth with my buddies from Pioneer 90.1 Northland Community Radio. Come by and share your favorite food on a stick with me!


One of my real joys these days is spending time with my "little brother" Logan. He's thirteen and loves to laugh and go on adventures with me. You might have heard me talk about him at a concert when I introduce the song We Have Each Other from my Beep Beep CD. He and I have adopted that as "Our song". I urge anyone who loves being around kids and has some free time on their hands (just a few hours a month) to consider being a big brother or big sister. It is a mutually awesome experience, I assure you.

I know that the opposing energies of flooding and forest fires are going on around the United States right now. Hugs to all my friends dealing with issues like this. Our rainy summer has given us a bumper crop of mosquitoes here in the north woods but I won't complain given the REAL troubles in other places.

And besides, mosquitoes are good for making sure out of state tourists want to go home after vacation. Minnesotans are like Grandparents who love it when the kids visit, but also appreciate it when they go home. We're not used to crowds of people and we need our beauty rest.

Of course any tourists who linger eventually run into January up here...



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