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Dennis' First CD for Kids!

Beep Beep CD Cover by Dennis Warner

Beep Beep


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Rubber Blubber Whale   (Lyrics)
We Have Each Other   (Lyrics)
Beads on One String
(Studio Version)  
Beep Beep (Lyrics)
Fish Story Song (Lyrics)
Skippin' Stones (Lyrics)
Cat in the Sink (Lyrics)
Biscuit Man
(Studio Version)  
The Marvelous Toy (Lyrics)
Goodnight to the
Moon and Stars


"...warm, happy, friendly ...Comforting... a lovely album...5 stars!"
John McLaughlin - Digital Folk Life


"It is arranged for children, but adults, don't let that stop you....
you will have phrases and melodies going through your mind to
brighten the day and keep the kids singing and/or dancing...

The collection of songs here runs the gamut from active, to
tongue-twister to friendship to nighttime. Something for
everyone in the family.
"      (Read Full Review)
Marie Asner - The Phantom Tollbooth


Take it from a "little kid expert", (taught kindergarten for 28 years),
"Beep Beep" is a total success and will be a classic. 
The musical
choices are excellent and the lullaby Goodnight song is a perfect
Will I ever get Rubber Blubber Whale out of my head?
(Customer - Duluth, MN)


I love your new CD!  Very entertaining. Fun, uplifting and positive.
"I am looking forward to sending this to my grandson. 
I think you have a winner!

(Customer - Sartell, MN)


This cd is my go to  "Feel Good"  music.  I played it for a depressed
teenager while we were talking and pretty soon she began smiling.
She said, "How can you stay depressed listening to this?"  

She loved the "Beep Beep" and "Biscuit Man".  
In short this cd makes my day!

(Customer - Sheboygan, WI)


Beep Beep is fun and engaging from the start, a wonderful selection
of music! The CD has two of my favorite kids’ songs; the funny
tongue twisting  “Rubber Blubber Whale” by Si Kahn and classic
“Marvelous Toy” by Tom Paxton and my favorite Dennis Warner
original, “Beads on One String”.  I fell in love with “Skippin Stones”
the first time I heard it. Dennis has a rich, full voice, great to sing
along with.  My family has been listening to Beep Beep over and over!

(Customer - Edison, NJ)


Beep Beep is full of really catchy songs and lyrics, perfect for you
and your little one to sing along! My favorite song is "Cat in the Sink”,
mostly because it features a hidden gem - a trumpet with a cup mute!
Make sure to sing along with the Nahnahnahs and Lalalaas.
You and your child will enjoy singing with this in the car
(“beep, beep!") I guarantee it.
(Customer - Nashville, TN)


Dennis Warner has done it again!! What a wonderfully
entertaining CD for young and old!! Dennis is a great singer,
songwriter, composer and entertainer!! His new CD "Beep Beep"
is great for Adults, Young Adults and Grandkids - it is must have
for your music collection. All the songs are great on the CD
but "Skippin Stones" is my favorite!!
(Customer - Sartell, MN)


Dennis,Warner's album, "Beep Beep", is supposed to be an album
for the kids, but I enjoyed hearing some of these songs so much,
and at 66, I hardly fit that demographic. The title song (a tune from
MY youth), Tom Paxton's "The Marvelous Toy", and his own
"Beads On One String" should be heard by children of all ages.
A wonderful album for gift giving as well as giving one for yourself.
(Customer - Silver Spring, MD)


Great new album by Dennis Warner for kids AND adults
(aren't we all really just kids at heart?)! A nice mix of just-for-fun
tunes and some songs with meaningful messages. And remember,
it's hard to brush your teeth with a cat in the sink!
(Customer - St. Cloud, MN)


Dennis Warner's children’s cd is fun, entertaining, uplifting,
positive and inspirational. My grandson laughs and giggles as
he sings along with “Beep Beep” and “Beads on One String.”
My personal favorite is “We Have Each Other.” A great children’s cd
…parents and grandparents will love it too!
(Customer - Sartell, MN)


Wow! This is great music for youngsters and an inspiration for
parents and teachers of young children. Lots of fun; classics like
"The Marvelous Toy", tongue twisting "Rubber Blubber Whale"
and a sweet lullaby, Good NIght to the Moon and Stars" to finish.
My favorite, “Beads on One String”, is a song I teach my students as
part of an anti-bullying curriculum, and one that will stay in their
hearts for a life time.
(Customer - Duluth, MN)


This CD is so much fun...the songs are uplifting and energetic!
Beads on One String has such a positive message and is a wonderful
song to share. However, Goodnight to the Moon and Stars is my favorite
song on this CD and is an absolutely beautiful lullaby to sing to your
babies and then with them as they get older.
(Customer - Denver, CO)


The whole family likes this CD. We all wait for the punch line on
Beep Beep, then laugh and laugh. My son likes it so much that
he keeps the CD in his room. At least we know where to look for it
when we are getting into the car for a trip. This has become
our traveling music CD.

(Customer - Nowthen, MN)


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