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Dennis Warner UPDATE - January 2016

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DW Close UpJanuary 9, 2016

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday -

I drove home late last night from concerts in the Duluth, Minnesota area.  The 2016 tour is off and running!

With this new year, I've posted a new video! It's My Life tells the story of a fourth generational family farm while showing the corn harvest in action.  It was fun and educational to ride in a combine for the first time and to see the whole coordinated operation throughout the day.       

And the best part? I didn't get any manure on my boots. Whew!

The footage was actually recorded about three ago, but with my Mom's health issues during that time, the project was placed on the proverbial back burner, especially with the recording deadlines I faced after receiving the grant to make the Beep Beep CD.

Amazingly, the raw digital movie files were left in an organized fashion (go figure!) on my computer and I was able to complete the editing last  month. It's really great to see all the fine comments on Facebook and the number of people who have already shared the link.  Thank you.

The next CD is officially underway.  I love this part of the process, where each song is scrutinized to find the right tempo, key signature, instrumentation and arrangement. So far I've demoed a dozen songs.  Soon, the band will come in and make the magic happen. In all, 20-25 songs will be recorded in some fashion and the best 10-12 will be selected for the album.

Some of these new songs will be sneaking their way into concerts during the next year. Make sure to let me know if you hear something new that you like. If I see folks yawning or checking their emails during a new song that kind of tells me there may be a problem.

Finally, you might have noticed on my Facebook page that a wonderful organization called "Books for Africa" was the recipient of 250 donated Beads on One String books destined for kids in remote African villages. I'm very happy to support this fine group of dedicated people doing positive things for others.

Stay warm and come see me on the road. Thanks!



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