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Friday December 5, 2014
Bemidji, MN

Man, it's cold! I can't believe how early winter came here in Minnesota. Below zero and windy. I'm here for a series of seven concerts in the Bemidji public schools. It's so great to hear these sweet kids greeting me with strong voices singing Beads on One String.

My last performance of the year will be in Sartell, MN where I'll be performing a program "The Spirituality of John Denver". All John Denver music in a Sunday morning service at the Unity Spiritual Center. These are fun and if you're reading this, figure out a way to bring me to your church, spiritual center or house of worship. You'll love it.

Friday November 28, 2014
Orlando, FL

Waiting at the airport for my return flight to Minnesota. Only a few days here in Florida for a concert in Lakewood, but it's nice to thaw out just the same. Winter came early back home. In my previous blog entry I bragged about the nice Colorado weather. Yeh, the next day came the snow and 10 degree temps. It was an interesting drive coming out of the mountains and through the plains heading back home.

So Florida was a nice little break from that. Gotta love the sunshine state in winter!

Monday November 10, 2014
Villa Grove, CO

It's certainly been a busy fall. I just wrapped up a three day conference with school counselors from all over Colorado, talking about how Beads on One String can be incorporated into their curriculums. It looks like I'll be doing quite a few concerts and school programs out this way in the next two years.

This trip also brought me a couple of concerts in the Denver area. Fun to see old friends and to meet new ones on the journey. The weather has been gorgeous! Currently, I'm enjoying a day off at my favorite hot springs. A lot of nice memories here on trips past. This morning while soaking just after sunrise, three deer decided to join me. They came to within a few feet, just nibbling on seeds and grasses surrounding the springs. Very cool. This is one of the very special places I go to reconnect with nature.

Tomorrow I leave for Minnesota where I reunite with my band for a concert in my hometown at the Pioneer Place Theater in St. Cloud. Those are always fun events.

October 24, 2014
Lisle, IL

Last night was great fun. A wonderful evening concert at the Lisle Public Library where I've played before. I thought I might be late, though as traffic was at a stand still on the tollway. The best part was that since it was a tollway, I got to pay extra for the down time sitting still, waiting for things to open up. Road construction, I guess. Ha! Made it just in time to set up and keep things on schedule. From here, I head up to Appleton, WI. Haven't played there in years but I kind of remember where the frozen custard stand was located. Will it still be there for a post concert snack?

September 21, 2014
Rockford, IL

Mixed emotions on this beautiful autumn day. My beautiful, sweet Mom passed away a few days ago in Minnesota. I was with her 14 of the 15 days she was in the hospital, with many overnights. I loved her very much, calling her nearly every day no matter where I was in my travels. One of the things I admired most was her incredible sense of humor. She and I would laugh until we cried sometimes! Even with her physical challenges the last few years, she could always make a nurse or a doctor crack a smile. Really, she was doing this in the hospital right up until the last 36 hours. She was amazing. She would tell me often that you have to laugh at yourself and your own predicaments. I've learned a lot from her.

So I'm in Rockford, performing today at the first (hopefully, annual) Midtown Ethnic Festival. This should be great. I'll be playing my Mom's favorite song of mine, "Sweet Northern Home".

Tuesday, we have the funeral. An incredible lineup of Minnesota musicians have volunteered to play/sing/send Mom out with what we hope will be a most fantastic Celebration of Life Service. Here's Mom's obituary if you're interested.

August 26, 2014
Paynesville, MN

This summer I've played a series of concerts at the wonderful Bug-BeeHive resort in Paynesville, MN, about an hour from my house. I haven't had a regular gig like this in 20 years, but I've really enjoyed this one. I've been pulling songs out of my past and loving the challenge of re-learning them. Paul Bugbee has a great set up here, with the concerts taking place right on the beach of Lake Koronis. Tonight is my nineth and final show of the summer. It's a gorgeous night! The whole summer has been amazing in Minnesota. I don't recall one concert where the temperature was above 85 at showtime. LOVE IT!

July 17, 2014
Hibbing, MN

I love being up here in the northern part of Minnesota. I've played many times at the Hibbing Library and Bob Dylan Museum. He never shows up for a concert, though. Hmmm....

June 21, 2014
Asheville NC

Nice to be back in one of my favorite little mountain communities. Looking forward to stayiing with my friend Betty Friedrichsen and performing tomorrow. Wish I could spend a few days here, but after the show I need to head up to Chicago for a radio interview on WDCB and Lilli Kuzma.

May 7, 2014
Bemidji, MN

Thanks to the wonderful kids at Solway Elementary (near Bemidji) for making me feel so welcome in their school. They were ready to sing! Thanks also to Lakeland Public TV for the nice feature on the news. Here's a link:

April 11, 2014
Cannon Falls, MN

Nice to be back on the road, if only for a few days. I've never been as sick as I've been this past month. The hallucinations were the worst and also the most facinating part of it. Someone said those happen when your fever gets too high. Wow! Finally, maybe ...coming around? The concert tonight in Cannon Falls was really fun. Trying to get my lungs back after the pneumonia.

March 25, 2014
Clearwater, MN

Well, I'm not supposed to be home today. I'm supposed to be on a plane for Miami, but my body has been attacked by an alien. Or a fleet of them. Influenza B, pneumonia and why not throw a sinus infection on top of everything else. I guess I've been pushing it pretty hard since the SEEDS release. Back to bed. Ugh!

February 14, 2014
San Antonio, TX

Ahhhh.... I left Minnesota at -28 F a couple of days ago and woke up this morning to a vaguely familiar sound, a lawn mower buzzing outside my motel room window. 85 degrees today, they say. That's above zero! Hmmmm....

Todays agenda? Do the Riverwalk and eat ice cream. Oh, and give a house concert tonight. Those are always fun. Expecting 75-80 people in one living room. Love it!

And tomorrow I head up to one of my favorite towns for a performance and to catch up with friends in Kerrville, TX.

January 18, 2014
Des Moines, IA

I had a great time tonight with the Progressive Voices Concerts. The crew that helped me out was fabulous.

Minnesota has had quite a winter so far. Growing up in Minnesota, -25F was normal. Now when it gets cold, they call it the "Polar Vortex". Hmmm.... Fancy name for winter.

Some of you have seen the YouTube videos from Minnesota, where someone throws a glass of hot water into the air and it vaporizes before it hits the ground. Or the teenage boy who took that experiment one step further while making his parents very proud in the process.

Yep, that's my homeland! During the long winter we find ways to entertain ourselves...

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