BISCUIT MAN                                             

© Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner Album “Beep Beep”


CHORUS      He’s the Biscuit Man, rising early in the morning

                        He’s a wealthy man, always rolling in the dough

                        Giving all he can, whistling while he’s working

                        He’s happy as a clam

                        And everyone’s a fan

                        Of the Biscuit Man


When he gets up he’s thinkin’ about all the others

Who’ll be getting up soon and gonna be counting on him

Mixing it up from memory, with a wink from up above

He adds his little secret, a tablespoon of love

“Why just one little tablespoon?”

That’s the question of the day

Well a little bit of love goes a long, long way




Get ‘em hot from the oven on a cold winter’s day

Blackberry jam, honey, or just eat ‘em plain

Startin’ the day out right, like Grandma always said

“A good meal in the morning clears the cobwebs from your head”

You wonder why he’s always smiling

He’ll grin at you and say

“When you work from the heart you feel blessed everyday”




Two cups of whole wheat flour

Four teaspoons of baking powder

One fourth little t of salt

A whole cup of buttermilk

Add a little oil, just a quarter cup

A blob of honey them stir it up

And don’t forget that tablespoon of love

Knead it on a floured board

Fourteen times no less, no more

Roll it out to a half in thick

Flour your cutter so it won’t stick

And on your pan you don’t need any grease, just relax

And let ‘em bake fourteen to seventeen minutes at three hundred fifty degrees