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Doing the Right Thing

In college, Dennis Warner majored in Philosophy with an emphasis on ethics. Treating people fairly and humanely plays an important role in his everyday life. He's a champion for those too weak or unable to speak up for themselves.

His work on human rights issues began in college when the Nestle Corporation changed its marketing strategy to try and convince new mothers in developing countries to abandon breast feeding in favor of using it's own Nestle infant formulas. Dennis joined in the chorus of criticism and protest as it is commonly known that clean water is not often available in these places, which is necessary to safely mix the infant formulas.

Upon graduating, Warner became involved with organizations such as World Hunger Year (founded by Harry Chapin) and the Windstar Foundation (founded by John Denver), both dedicated to feeding hungry people.

Throughout his career, Dennis has met with many politicians, from the local level to congressmen, senators and even a vice president, talking about issues that would benefit others. While a lot of his work is done behind the scenes away from the public eye, in 2016, Dennis took a visible stance by visiting the Standing Rock Reservation during the height of their resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Read More

Still, his concerts are intentionally non-political, telling an interviewer, "People attend concerts to be entertained, not lectured to. I keep the show positive and fun. Favorites like Beads remind us of our connectedness to one another. And Have a Little Faith shows my resolve that deep down inside, most of us are good and that we can work together to make the right decisions."

One of his strengths, as was noted at a taping of the television show Backroads for Lakeland PBS, is Dennis' ability to address an issue in a non-confrontational way. "Treating others with respect and being kind to each other are not political issues. My music is non-political, appealing to our common good that we share in humanity. Audiences seem to resonate with that approach. Like it or not, we're all in this together."


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