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Dennis Warner UPDATE - June/July 2015

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DW Close UpJune 26, 2015

Hi Friends -

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles". 

Remember that awesome movie with John Candy?  Well, that's been my life lately.  The past couple of months have been busy with promotion for the new CD (yeah!), concerts and travel, including encounters with whales, wildlife and police with radar.

I first started writing this update a couple of weeks ago.  Let's get caught up!

June 7, 2015

As I type this note to you, I'm on a west bound Amtrak train somewhere outside of Cut Bank, Montana.  Thinking about my location, there's a song stuck in my head that my friend Rob Quist used to sing called,  "The Long Branch Branch of the Cut Bank, Bank".  Very clever!

More on my first Amtrak ride in a minute...

Last week was pretty amazing with newspaper interviews and a TV news feature, all because the senior class of Zimmerman High School in Minnesota honored me with an invitation to sing at their graduation. When these teenagers were in fourth grade, I performed at their elementary school and they beautifully took the Beads on One String message to heart, continuing to talk about the deeper meaning and to sing the song on their own without teacher involvement. Wow!

Click here to see the TV news feature.

Someone suggested I may be the only folk singer in America asked to perform at a high school graduation ceremony.  That's funny and probably true!

My new CD Beep Beep has been generating amazing comments and even a surprising amount of radio airplay for a children's album.  I appreciate my friends and fans for supporting this project, including posting reviews about the music.  I love hearing from you.  A lot of talented people came together to create what I think is a great CD!  If there's a special kid in your life, I'd be happy to autograph
a copy to them. Click here to look at the album.

Prefer downloads? Beep Beep is also on iTunes.

Back to today, June 26th

The journey on the train was a pilgrimage, of sorts.  My Mom, Grace Warner, loved the Amtrak and on several occasions rode the Empire Builder back to Oregon to visit relatives in her home state.  It seemed fitting that on a gorgeous, sunny Oregon morning, almost 9 months after her passing, that a few rose peddles from flowers on her casket made their way into the Pacific ocean, one at a time, at her favorite beach in Lincoln City.

Today is my Mom's birthday and I salute her memory.

I've posted photos from my trip to Oregon, Washington and British Columbia on Facebook.  Included: whales, seals, sea lions, elk, boat rides and of course, a few cool shots from the train. 

Please have a great weekend, even that nice officer with the radar gun in southern Washington!



Dennis Warner



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