Words & Music by Pat Alger, Ralph Murphy / From the Dennis Warner CD “Seeds”



I often stop on my way home and watch the children play

And I wonder if they wonder what they’ll become someday

Some will dream a big dream and make it all come true

While others go on dreaming of things they’ll never do


We’re all just Seeds in God’s hands

We start the same but where we land

Is sometimes fertile soil

It’s sometimes sand

We’re all just Seeds in God’s hands


I saw a friend the other day, I hardly recognized

She’d done a lot of living since I last looked in her eyes

She told her tale of how she’d failed the lessons she’d been taught

But offered no excuses and left me with this thought




BRIDGE:  And as I’m standing at this crossroads once again

                 I’m reminded we’re all the same when we begin

                 And in the end….