Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “Seeds”


It would nice if we lived in the same town

Woke up in the morning hearing the same sounds

But it’s not in the cards right now

That’s just our situation

A mileage complication


       (So we) Rendezvous for the weekend hours

       Rendezvous holding you tight

       Rendezvous it’s a magical power

       Sleep ‘til noon cause we talked all night

       Doing things that lovers do

       When they Rendezvous


Weekdays we’re workin’ hard then it’s home alone

I say goodnight to you by telephone

Then dreams of Friday come

Not just imagination

Sweet anticipation


       Of our….(CHORUS)



Lonely evenings in the company of doubt and fear     

Balancing love while building these two careers


(Instrumental 1st line of verse)

We text, email and call

All part of the equation

Long distance dedication


       Until we….(CHORUS)


       (TAG) All those things lovers do when they Rendezvous


It would nice if we lived in the same town…



© 2012 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)
    Words & Music by Dennis Warner