Words & Music by Dan Fogelberg / From the Dennis Warner CD ďSeedsĒ



Once in love youíll always be a lover

Once is all it takes

You will give your heart up to another

Even if it breaks


You can say this feverís sure to leave you

Itís bound to fade with time

You can lie but your heart wonít believe you

Heartís just arenít that blind


††††††††††† Some say loveís a game but she holds all the cards

††††††††††† The hands are never ours to choose

††††††††††† Once love has made her play, she never goes away

††††††††††† Win or lose


The well runs dry and takes itís time in filling

Sometimes seems so deep

Even though the flesh is often willing

The spirit gets so weak




Once in Love youíll always be a lover

So bide your time till then

If you lose thereíll always be another

So you can try again

So you can try again