Words & Music by Neal Hagberg, Loretta Peak / From the Dennis Warner CD “Seeds”


I met you underneath the willow
We were young, a little shy
But we would sit and talk for hours
Watch the river flowing by

You would laugh at all my stories
Then at dusk I'd walk you home
Who'd have guessed we'd walk a lifetime
Growing up and growing old.

CHORUS      We've got an Old Love
 One we never will get tired of
 One that fits us like an old glove
 One to warm the winter days
 We don't have to say "I love you"
 Quite as often as we used to
 Old Love just goes without saying
 But we still say it anyway.

We may not leave this town we live in
And life's not as easy as we planned
I always meant to give you diamonds
But you still wear a plain gold band

That old river keeps on rollin'
And we don't know just what's in store
But in spite of all of this
I don't love you like I did
Oh, I love you so much more.