Have a Little Faith In the World

Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “Seeds”


INTRO: If we are not standing still, then we must be moving

              If we truly have free will, then we must be choosing

              We’re choosing, our destiny…


We take a little seedling and plant it in the ground

With a hope and a prayer it’ll grow up strong

Faith that the future will someday come along

We try to believe in believing

And to …


CHORUS    ||:  Have a Little Faith in the World

       Faith in the world

       Have a Little Faith in the World :||


We do a little dreaming and plant it in our hearts

With a little bit of love it’ll grow each day

Wanting our children to never be afraid

Is there a better dream worth dreaming?

We need to …




BRIDGE:   ||: Trust …Believing…Forgiveness…Healing :||


CHORUS (x 2)

                                               © 2012 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)

                                                     Words & Music by Dennis Warner