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Notes from the Road  
by Dennis Warner 2022


Dennis Warner in Skokie IL

(Dennis Warner in Skokie, IL at St. Tim's Coffeehouse)


November 12, 2022
Skokie, IL

It's been a busy fall schedule, performing in theaters and outdoor shows along with the smaller club concerts. Tonight I played in Skokie, IL at St. Tim's Coffeehouse. It was my first time here and Sandy, the person who books the shows, says she can't wait to do it again. I agree. Wonderful audience! I've played a lot around Chicago throughout my career and it's always a treat to see old friends who show up at a concert.

I love these Coffeehouse shows put on by the local folk music societies. While the performances have nothing to do with religion, churches are opening their doors and providing a space for concerts. They are generally great places to perform! In this case, thank you St. Timothy's Church for being such a wonderful host.

Victory Chimes
The Victory Chimes at Anchor

Victory Chimes performance by Dennis Warner
Concert by Candlelight

August 14, 2022
Rockland, Maine

Roaming the coast of Maine, we had another great sail with five days on the Victory Chimes. Most of the 34 passengers are fans of my music, and this being my third time on the VC, it was like old home week. I performed a couple of very informal concerts and even hosted a seperate sing-a-long night. Several guests brought musical instruments and we had a lot of fun with requests.

34 guests plus 7 crew plus Captain Sam pretty much makes a full boat. The VC was built in 1900 and is the only three masted wooden schooner still in existence from that era. She's earned her spot on the Historic Registry! Aboard the Victory Chimes, we stepped back into history for a few days. We're already working on dates to do this again in 2023.

(Photos from Craig Hanson)

From Maine, we drive to Quebec City and then Montreal, before getting back to Minnesota next week. And today is my birthday!

Victory Chimes sing a long
Some guests bring their instruments - an informal jam session!


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