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Notes from the Road  
by Dennis Warner 2021

Dennis Warner and Dan Neale in Concert at the Peace Plaza in Rochester

Dennis Warner & Dan Neale in concert at
Peace Plaza in Rochester, MN


September 21, 2021
Rochester, MN

Danny and I just wrapped up our show in Rochester at the Peace Plaza. We've played here before as part of a concert series put on by the Mayo Clinic. Usually, we play inside at Lipps Atrium, but with COVID we're spreading the love safely outside. It's Mayo's belief that music, specifically positive music, helps heal the body. It also helps the patients' family to get away from the stress for an hour of musical distraction.

Thanks to Tim Hildebrandt for bringing us in as often as he can. The concert was paid for by the Rosemary and Meredeth Willson Foundation. Meredeth is best known for writing the hit broadway musical, "The Music Man".

Dennis rowing along Maine Coastline

After anchoring, it's fun to take one of the
rowboats out for a little exploring.

August 14, 2021
Anchored at 700 acre island, Maine

Well, happy birthday to me!

What a glorious week on the Victory Chimes. This is the second fan cruise I've been a part of on the VC, where I'm the musical guest as we explore the gorgeous coast of Maine. My love of sailing started when I was maybe 13 or 14 when my mom took me to Oregon to meet up with her sister and brothers. One of those brothers, Jim, who along with his wife Helen, introduced me to sailing with a trip on the Columbia River. I've been hooked ever since. So when I was asked by the VC owners to do my first cruise with them in 2019, I was thrilled. Being paid to come sail and sing. Really? My dream gig, and I am thankful.

We will be doing this again in August of 2022. Interested in joining us? Click here for more info.


Dennis & the D's in Austin

Dennis & the D's are back in the saddle!
Great fun in Austin, Minnesota tonight.


July 26, 2021
Austin, MN

It's amazing to once again be playing music with this band. We performed yesterday in St. Cloud to over 1000 music fans at Munsinger Gardens. This was our first show back as a band and while we were a bit rusty in places, it didn't matter.

Tonight in Austin we ironed out the kinks and found our groove. They've already invited us back for two concerts next summer.


Here's to Summer!

June 12, 2021
On a Boat in Northern Minnesota

Here's to summer!

It's a hot one so far, but it's not so bad if you can jump in a lake to cool off. It's a big reason I love living in the land of 10,000 lakes.

I'm excited to perform my first show in over a year because of the COVID layoff. I'll be outdoors in Little Falls, Minnesota at the history museum on June 26th. I'm joking that I'm old enough now to be one of their displays. Remember something called "the singer-songwriter"? Maybe you had one hanging around your kitchen? Come see American History!

Seriously, I hope people remember and come out to the concert. I actually have some new songs to sing!

And while the schedule is far from full, I do have some wonderful concerts lined up into the fall. Check out the schedule and think about a road trip. For now, I'm staying in the midwest as full on, cross country touring just isn't possible with so many venues hesitant to open up. But don't give up on me. I'll be out and about as it's safe to do so. I'm not ready to be relegated to the history books quite yet!


Respond with Love by Dennis Warner

April 16, 2021
Clearwater, MN

It's been a tough month in Minnesota. The George Floyd murder trial is now wrapping up while another unarmed young black man was shot and killed by police in a Twin Cities suburb. Heartache on all sides. And that's just in Minnesota. What about where you live?

I believe that we can choose to make this a more peaceful planet. I believe in the possibility of us being more kind WITH each other and less fearful OF each other. It's our choice to make.

Here's a new song recorded at my home in Clearwater.
Love to you all.

Peter Ostroushko Benefit

Back Row L-R: Dean Magraw, Julie Johnson, Pinky Johnson,
Prudence Johnson, Dennis Warner, Paul Imholte

Front Row L-R: Bryan Wood, Paul Cotton, Doug Wood, Cristina Seaborn, Steve Borgstrom

February 25, 2021
Clearwater, MN

Yesterday we lost a great musician here in Minnesota, Peter Ostroushko. Of course, he was more than just a midwest icon, with tours and recognition far beyond the Minnesota border.

Peter worked with many famous folks like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Garrison Keillor, Chet Atkins, Emmylou Harris and John Hartford. He also helped many not so famous folks like yours truly, recording with me on the "My World" cd. That was a wonderful experience.

A bunch of us got together and performed a benefit for Peter in 2019, after he survived a stroke that left him unable to play music. Doug Wood organized this fun night, helping out our wonderful musical friend.

RIP Peter.

 Hand sanitizers

January 15, 2021
Clearwater, MN

It's a new year and there's hope on the horizon with vaccines getting started and a new administration beginning next week. Let's all keep our sanity through this transition period.

I got a laugh out of this photo on Facebook. In western Minnesota last week, this very thing almost happened to me at a Holiday gas station coffee bar. A syrup bottle was sitting by itself and turned backwards, so no label was facing me. I thought, "How cool that they have hand sanitizer back here where everyone's touching the coffee spigots!"

My better angels weren't slacking off that day and protected me from embarrassing myself. Whew!

I guess having my hands smell like hazelnut wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...




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