Dennis Warner visited the Standing Rock Reservation, Oceti Sakowin camp

north of Cannon Ball, ND- November 15, 2016.He met with the people of

the Seven Council Fires.(Oceti=Sioux / Sakowin=Seven)




My name is Dennis Warner.I am a musician and author from Minnesota.Iím here today to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters here at Standing Rock.


Throughout the world, clean water is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity.Itís also proving to be our most important natural resource, for without clean water, we cannot survive.


As history has shown us over and over again, with oil pipelines, itís not a matter of if they will leak or if they will break, itís a matter of when they will leak Ė when they will break.


You know, millions of people are supporting you here on Facebook and other social media.We know that the stand youíre taking here today affects our future. The next pipeline might be in our own neighborhood.


We just celebrated Veteranís Day here in the U.S., honoring those who served our country protecting the rights and safety of our citizens.Today, I honor you for your service to our country, to thank you for protecting the water for future generations to come.


You are loved and you are appreciated.It truly warms my heart and millions of others too, to know that there are courageous people willing to stand up peacefully for whatís morally and ethically right instead of whatís profitable.


May God continue to bless and guide you on this most interesting journey.


Thank you.