November 23, 2016


Dear FriendsĖ


I want to wish all my friends and fans in the United States a very happy Thanksgiving.This is a very special time here in the states when we stop our hectic lives for a few minutes and give thanks for all the great blessings in our lives.


Some of us have had a tough year and itís hard to find that ďsilver liningĒ or the ability to be grateful because of job stress, family discord, disease or even the passing of people close to us.Some have lost their jobs, their homes, their families and everything that used to be normal while watching others prosper financially, emotionally and spiritually.The election caused many to feel despair while others celebrate.


We keep those who are suffering close to our hearts.


For me, special prayers for a safe and positive outcome will go out to the brave people at Standing Rock.Money seems to be more important than humanity here, a trend I am noticing more and more in issues around the United States.I visited Standing Rock last week and got a real sense for whatís going on there.Itís not just a tribal concern; this is a worldwide investment of time and talent.I was amazed at all the countries represented, standing shoulder to shoulder with Native Americans from all different tribes.And I believe all 50 U.S. States are represented as well.Water is life, as they say.Itís a common denominator that we all need to survive.And the dispute at Standing Rock today might be in our back yard tomorrow as profits continue to be more important than humanity.


I believe in their cause.Iíve met them.Iíve talked with them.†† There are over 2,500 people in camp.These are peaceful, positive and prayerful people trying to save the Standing Rock Reservationís one and only water supply.


If youíre not familiar with the situation, hereís the gist of it.

It started as the Keystone Pipeline which President Obama halted because Kansas and Nebraska did not want to risk their farmland and water supplies.The project was rerouted to go just north or Bismarck, North Dakota and cross the Missouri River before heading to South Dakota and Iowa, bypassing Nebraska and Kansas.The city of Bismarck, the state capitol, would not allow the pipeline north of the city because it would put at risk their water supply.The project was again rerouted to go south of Bismarck, at the Standing Rock Reservation.The message sent by this? That clean water for the mostly white city of Bismarck is more important than clean water for the Native Americans at Standing Rock.


Racism?Whatever itís called, itís wrong.If itís not safe for Nebraska, Kansas or the city of Bismarck, then itís not safe for anyone.


So on this Thanksgiving, please keep these courageous men, woman and children in your prayers.†† And if you have a few minutes to help them, send emails to your congressman, senators and even President Obama.Hereís his contact link: