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This is "our" ship for the week!

The Victory Chimes

Built in 1900

127 feet long

Three masts, Six Sails

4,000 of these were built and the
Victory Chimes is the only one still sailing

She's listed on the Historic Registry

She is gorgeous!

Join us for a dream getaway
August 9-13, 2022

We are excited to announce Dennis' third
annual fan/music cruise August 9-13, 2022!

The Historic Victory Chimes


Captain Sam
(left photo) and some
of the fabulous crew!

Several of the crew members are licensed captains or pursuing their licenses.

Captain Sam has
sailed throughout the world. We are in experienced hands.

If it looks like we were having a great time, we were. The waters are very protected because of the islands. That doesn't mean a storm can't roll through and get things moving, but as sailing goes it's pretty flat and pretty good.

We anchor for the night by late afternoon, allowing everyone the opportunity to take the dinghy boat
to a nearby island to hike and explore. There's even an island with a craft brewery!

IMPORTANT: This isn't a Carnival type cruise. There are no TV's and WiFi is hard to come by. Thankfully, there's no boomboxes or loud music to try to hide from. Bring your music to listen to, but also bring earbuds or headphones. We usually get a cell signal at least once a day to do our emailing and Facebooking, but this journey is about disconnecting from the outside world. Reading, writing, meditating, singing, and good old fashioned talking to each other is what I find most valuable on the Victory Chimes. The gorgeous islands, the eagles, the loons, the porpoises and possibly even whales entertain us. It's the best opportunity to recharge our batteries and all the while having expert meals prepared for us by a real gem of a cook, Chef Adam.

If all this sounds good to you, click this link to go to the Victory Chimes website and book yourself a fantastic vacation.

Victory Chimes under sail by Quinton
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy

Great food on the VC!
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy


Exploring the islands
At the end of the day, we usually have a chance
to explore a nearby island.

Photo by Dennis Warner


There's swimming, dinghy boat rides to the shore of different islands and incredible sunsets and sunrises!

And I can't say enough about the food. I don't eat a lot of meat, and Chef Adam accomodated me and the other veggie leaning guests with great entrees. The carivores had no complaints, either.

Check out the TRIP ADVISOR reviews!


Alcohol is allowed, but you need to bring it.
Beer, wine, whatever. There's not a cash bar or anything like that. The VC provides water,
coffee and tea.

And desserts. Oh, my. There's even a
"pre breakfast" on deck for early risers,
with fresh scones and muffins around 7am.

Breakfast is then served at 8am
and it's not to be missed.

Capt goes over our route everyday
After we drop anchor for the night, Captain Sam gathers us together and shows us the route we've sailed that day. He shares his vast knowledge of the history of the area as well.
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy

Dennis singing on a quiet evening
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy


During this week of August, the Perseid Meteor Shower will be taking place. Since we'll be on a sailboat off the Maine coast and away from city lights, the odds of seeing some are greatly increased. On the 2021 trip, we all saw a bunch of them!

and the scenery!
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy


During our voyage, I'll perform two
intimate concerts for you and the other
guests on the deck. No amplification. If
you have a favorite DW song, let me know!
It's informal, as if you were in my living room.

The other nights, I'll still bring out my guitar
and sing a little, perhaps with you! If you
bring an instrument, these are good
nights for you to play a few songs, too.
We'll have a little fun while being mindful
and respectful of others on our ship and
neighboring boats. I like to have the
music between 8-9pm.

AND it's my birthday on the 14th. We'll be off
the ship by then, but feel free to sing to me
early if you want to! Haha! I can't think of
a better way to celebrate than with you
and other like minded, nature loving,
adventure seeking friends.

Life goes fast, as we're reminded every day...

Photo by Dennis Warner
Let's just say the water is refreshing on a warm day!
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy

Are you interested? Call them 800.745.5651.
Check out their website.
Mention you heard about it from your pal Dennis.

Cost: Standard rooms with all the great food for the four night cruise: $1,250 per person.

We all get to help raise the sails if we want to. It's kinda fun!
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy

I truly hope you'll consider it. If it's not your thing
(you prefer bath towels folded into animal shapes and bird images, like on the big cruise ships) that's cool. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think would appreciate this unique opportunity.

If you have questions, email me.  As you can tell
from this writing, I'll be upfront about the
experience and what you can expect.

Thank you and let's go sailing together!

- Dennis

Dennis Warner and the Victory Chimes
Photo by Quinton Don Leavy

Click here to Join me on the Victory Chimes!

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