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Dennis Warner UPDATE - March 2015

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March 5, 2015

Hi Friends -

This morning I spent three and a half hours navigating ice packed roads and blowing snow, finally arriving in this beautiful northeastern Minnesota town of Cloquet where I performed a pair of Beads on One String concerts at Washington school. The smiling faces of 650 kids warmed me up fast.  

GOOD NEWS! Remember that new CD I told you I was recording last year? It’s finished and will be officially released this spring. This is a really good project and I’m excited to have you hear it. While it’s my 10th album, it’s also my first ever kids CD. Well, I call it a kids CD, but I created it specifically so that parents wouldn’t mind if it ended up being played a few times in the minivan stereo during family road trip vacations. Kids, listen up:  It's a good thing to not drive your parents crazy, especially when hurdling down the highway at 70 miles per hour.

Pre-sale copies and downloads will be offered soon. Stay tuned! If you “like” my Facebook page, you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready.

I am always relieved when a new CD is released. These things take two to three years of planning, rehearsing, recording and mixing. A big lesson that I learned the hard way early in my career (any of you remember my vinyl days?) is to make sure it’s “right” before releasing it: the right songs, the right musicians, the right arrangements. With every album I learn and grow. Someday I may even figure it out!


I thank all of you for the encouragement and support.

So tonight I’m resting at the motel in Cloquet, watching the wind whip the snow around my window. This newsletter might be shorter than normal as I’m thinking the sauna is going to feel real nice in just a few minutes.   There are lots of folks from Finnish descent in these parts and they remind it's pronounced “SOW-nuh”.

At least that’s what I think they’re saying...

Stay warm, my friends.


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