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Dennis Warner UPDATE - April 2015

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April 25, 2015               Dennis Warner on Facebook!

Hello Friends-

It's time!

Releasing a new CD is always fun for me. I feel strongly that "Beep Beep" will be worth the wait for those of you wishing for new music. Click here and give it a listen!

As a thank you to everyone who reads these newsletters and to my Facebook friends, I'm continuing to offer a few dollars off if you pre-buy before May 1st. Go to To get the savings, do this before May 1st, the official release date. That's when the price goes up to the normal $15. Thanks again for sharing my journey.

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This morning I received an email that "The Phantom Tollbooth" is including a review of "Beep Beep" in their new issue. Marie Asner's kind words are appreciated! Read the review here.

If you prefer digital downloads, there's good news. ""Beep Beep" is on iTunes. Make sure to take a minute while you're on iTunes to rate the CD. Good ratings help me a lot. Thanks.

One of the joys in making this album was being reunited with Clete Baker, owner of Studio B in Omaha, Nebraska. Over the years, Clete has produced my appearances on public radio's "River City Folk". He's worked on albums for John Denver, Mannheim Steamroller and America to name a few. Now he can add "Dennis Warner" to his resume. Ha ha!


With much gratitude, the winter and spring were very busy with lots of miles and concerts. Welcome to all my new readers who signed up for this E-newsletter the last few months. It means a lot to me.

So my van (Vincent, as in Van-Goh) is being retired soon and I'm starting the search for a new tour-mobile. It's almost as much fun as shopping for new shoes, says the guy who wears the oddball size 11½ footwear. I want something comfortable, gets decent gas mileage and can hold a lot of crap, err, I mean music stuff. If I stick with the mini-van, this will be my seventh Vincent dating back to 1987. When he was 10 years old or so, my nephew Eric referred to my vehicle choice as the "Loser Cruiser". Hmmm.... I assumed he meant the van.

I could get a Mustang with a big trailer, but that would look ridiculous, right?

Have a great weekend.


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