Prairie Winds Blow
(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “My World”



And the Prairie Winds Blow, singin' in the wires

Of the telephone poles, stretchin' out for miles

Hay bales on the hills buffalo used to roam

This range is home, all I've ever known


            And the Prairie Winds Blow

            The Prairie Winds Blow

            This cowboy's ridin' high, never lettin' go

            Sometimes destiny is better left alone

            Just like me

            Let the Prairie Winds Blow


Along this magic river, once fell in love

But I didn't wanna give her something she wanted

For me to sell it all, move safely to town

Where I'd never see the sun rise, never watch it sink down




Sold my horses long ago, still got my Willies truck

Wranglin' days are gone I know, but I'm never giving up

Eyes are clouding over, memories wearin' thin

But I thank God in each mornin' when I feel that old wind.


            (Let the....)   *CHORUS* 


© 1998 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)

 Words & Music by Dennis Warner / Julie Schrader Rust.  All Rights Reserved.