Nothing Better Than This

(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “My World”



We're lying on the beach

Longest day of June

Watching colors fill the sky

They fade away too soon

We don't have to go

There's something we both know


            You and me belong together

            One heart that beats forever

            Nothing compares to your kiss

            And there's Nothing Better Than This


Just thinking of you now

Since you read my mind

Then I'm not so lonely

You're with me all the time

Just a thought away

Can you hear me say?




(Bridge)          And as our lives roll on, I'll hold your hand

                        And look into your eyes and be telling you again        





            (tag)  Love don't get better than this....



© 2002 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)
Words & Music by Dennis Warner.  All Rights Reserved