Feel Your Love

(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “My World”



Got myself in a situation

Been acting differently

Working through old frustrations

Seeing how thing's oughta be


Too many hours wasted wondering

`Bout things that never got me nowhere

What's real, what's illusion

Then I saw you there


And I could...


            Feel Your Love

            Feel Your Love

            Something new to me

            I could Feel Your Love

            And I hope that I

            Will Feel Your Love forever


Watched you hold the old man's hand

He laid dying in bed

Your eyes did all the talking

Everything he wanted said


How many million more just like him

Face to face with eternity

Here I been looking for the one truth

And it's been following me


And I could ...            (CHORUS)




On the banks of the muddy river

All my questions drift on by

But I've never seen more clearly

Never felt this way inside





Now I...           (CHORUS)




© 2001  Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC). 

Words & Music by Dennis Warner.  All Rights Reserved.