(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “Live! Volume 2”


How did I drift this far Who cut the rope that anchored me?

Like peaches in a mason jar I'd been preserving my heart from love

These walls, they must come down You made it clear right from the start

Little pieces would fall to the ground You took your own sweet time

You took your own sweet time....


CHORUS                  Old friend

                                    Old friend

                                    Runnin' up the shore and back again

                                    On calm seas or against the wind

                                    If I'm in trouble, you jump on in (You've been there thru the thick and thin)     

                                    Old Friend


You tried to play your hand Intuition troubled me

I drew my lines deep in the sand And buried my soul from you

I said, "Please, please, walk away" "I'm confused when you're around"

But knew the truth in what you'd say Could save me from myself

You saved me from myself...




BRIDGE:      My boat was not that strong

                        To carry more than my own load

                        You asked if you could ride along

                        You travel light

                        Won't bring me down...


These scars run deep inside Reminding me I survived

Secrets I could not hide You wanted to know them all

Now you know them all...




© 2007 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)
Words & Music by Dennis Warner. All Rights Reserved.