The Awakening
Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “Seeds”


In the rush of the morning, falling behind

Moving ahead little steps at a time

Surrounded by danger

Ignoring the signs

How to make sense of it all


          The Awakening

          From the storm, hope is born

          Knowing love for the first time

          It's The Awakening


Guarded by soldiers, ego and pride

Victims of freedom and alibi's

It’s hard to hold on

When you're dying inside

Then we find what's been missing






In the cool of the evening, calm settles in

Sharing the healing with such a good friend

In the mirror

We see where we’ve been

And how to get where we're going



          From the storm all hope is born

          Giving love for the first time

          It's The Awakening


          The Awakening ...



© 2003,2012 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)

      Words & Music by Dennis Warner