© Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner Album “Beep Beep”


CHORUS:     We’re all Beads on One String,

                        Every man, every woman, boy and girl

                        Beads on One String, we’re one world


I touch, you touch, we feel so much
We hurt and we heal

We know love is real

You dream, well I dream

We plan, sometimes scheme

And how we love to eat

And everyone has to sleep




You laugh, you cry, guess what? So do I

We cough and we sneeze

Into the same air we all breathe

We trust, we give and we die after we’ve lived

We win, sometimes we’re gonna lose

We’re wearing the same shoes




BRIDGE:        We hug, we need, we cut and we bleed

                        Somehow we discover 

                        We’re so much we’re like each other


Oh, yes we are

Yes we are...