What Matters The Most

(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “Journey of the Soul”)


His hand held firmly on the bible, he swore to do the righteous thing

But he forgot about his family and the meaning of that ring

And those across the aisle were the loudest to condemn

Were the millions spent to bring him down

A bigger sin

Were they any better than him


            It doesn't really matter who we believe in

            It's what we believe in

            That matters the most 


            (Repeat Chorus)


The Qur’an sat up on the dashboard, New York City U.S.A.

With a trunk full of explosives, the Americans would pay

While all across the world different countries, same old game

In Ireland, in the Middle East

It's so insane

To be killing in God's name




Voices echoing from India

And from a Memphis balcony

About forgiveness and acceptance

For the differences we see

The hope of what could be








© 2001  Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)

Words & Music by Dennis Warner. All Rights Reserved.