Now That You're With Me

(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD “Journey of the Soul”




Long hair blowin’ in the warm Gulf breeze

My heart was sinkin’ to my knees

Your blue eyes somehow put my mind at ease

We were meant to be


Together we go walking through the sand

Dippin’ our toes in the water, makin’ plans

My future is looking up, ain't it grand

Now That You're With Me


            Lazy days of summer

            You're my real life fantasy

            Crazy, hazy wonder

            Now That You're With Me


We both love swimming under the moon

Sailing away on some windy afternoon

Makin’ chocolate chip cookies, singing Dennis Warner tunes

Perfect harmony


And quiet evenings are the best

Watching the sun disappear from our little love nest

Everyday my life is more richly blessed

Now That You're With Me




(Instrumental Verse)


We take our chances when they come

Our romance is more than weekend fun

Our love burns hotter than this Texas sun

Now That You're With Me





© 1998  Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)
Words & Music by Dennis Warner. All Rights Reserved.