(Words & Music by Dennis Warner / From the Dennis Warner CD’s “Live! Volume 2” and “Journey of the Soul”


I got up to watch a movie in the middle of the night

Not a Hollywood adventure or an old time black and white

But a genuine love story of the journey where we've been

From eyes of one who's with us `til the end


            Watching the Northern Lights

            Out on this peaceful night

            I feel alive - I feel so alive


            Watching this show for free

            You being here with me

            Feels so right

            Watching the Northern Lights


From this hillside where I'm standing a thousand years ago

Did someone sing the praises of this silent picture show

Did they give appreciation as the Aurora took it's bow

Like I'm doing here right now


* (chorus) *


And a thousand years from now from this same hill where I stand

Will someone be here smiling, looking up from the land

One thing I can count on, long after I'm gone

The show will go on and on


* (chorus) *


© 2001, 2007 Dutch Canyon Music (SESAC)

Words & Music by Dennis Warner. All Rights Reserved.